Feb 9, 2011

The Third Chapter. w00t!

Alright! It's been..like 3 weeks since the last chapter of my fanfiction; Conan VS. The Red Hawk had come out. Sorry for all zero of our regular readers, but third chapter is done!

Ran coughed again.

She didn’t see her kidnapper; in fact, she never woke up while she was being kidnapped. When she did awake, she found herself in a large empty building. The only door out was full of dents, ones made by Ran’s attempt to escape.

Just then, she heard a harsh scratching sound outside the door. When the noise stopped, the door opened slowly. Ran charged and was about to kick who ever was entering, but…

“Ran-neechan?” a voice said.

Ran froze in her path. “Conan-kun? What was he doing here?” she thought in a panic.

“Conan-kun?” Ran cried in response.

The mysterious figure merely turned around and closed the door, leaving Ran feeling worried and tired. She kicked the door again, but whatever was in front of the door was back in place.

“Shinichi…save me!” she thought in desperation.

It was the announced day of Kaitou Kid’s heist of the Sun’s Radiance. The night was calm and cool, but Conan was in no mood to relax. He was on full guard, looking out for the Black Organization and Ran’s kidnapper…

He scanned the dome. It was about 30 meters high,and was made entirely of glass. Within the glass was water, and within the water were many kinds of exotic fish. The fish were swimming around, one occasionally giving Conan an odd stare, as if seeing him going to his death.

Around the dome was a ring of police cars. Around each car were policemen. For each policeman, there were 2 eyes darting around and scanning everything in sight like little lasers. There were also four policemen that were guarding the opposite ends of the dome, where the entrances were.

Outside the police car ring were various cars. Within those cars were Kaitou Kid fans that the police did not let through.Conan scanned the cars parked outside. He saw a green Jaguar, a Viper, a silver Honda, and many other cars parked outside. However, Conan failed to notice the black Porsche 356A parked outside the ring of police.

The dome’s interior was rather barren. The only thing of notice inside was the glass case that was holding the Sun’s Radiance within itself. Around the case were four policemen, and there were several policemen and Inspector Nakamori inside. Jirokichi was inside as well, laughing his head off.

Conan checked his clock – which told him it was 6:30 P.M – again. “Only 30 minutes to go,” he thought, but his real thoughts was what would happen at 9…

Conan thought about Kid’s letter again:

At 7 o’clock Saturday, the guards of the water kingdom will fall asleep.

While the guards have their nap, I will appear and take the Sun’s Radiance.

The letter made little sense to him. The water kingdom could mean the dome, but how could Kid make all the policemen fall asleep?

Like on cue, the time hit 7 o’clock, and part of the dome exploded. From the holes in the dome, the water and its inhabitants fell out. At the same time, a mysterious gas starting leaking from the floor ofthe dome. Nakamori immediately called, “Don’t breathe the gas! It’s sleeping gas! Get out of the dome!”

With that order, everyone in the dome quickly ran out, holding his or her breath. They could only watch as the gas concealed the case from view. Then, they heard the case shatter.

“Damn it!” Nakamori cried out in anger. He knew Kid took the jewel, but how could he take it, surrounded by sleeping gas?

Meanwhile, the Kid was having a great time. The heist of the Sun’s Radiance went smooth. He turned his white wings – his glider, and felt as he could fly.

Of course, he also fell to the ground like a shot bird when the sniper hit.

Conan heard the sniper, and ran off in that direction before he could fully register what was happening.

“The Black Organization…but why him?

He traced the Kid to be about 500 yards away, in the park. He quickly ran off.

Nakamori frowned when he heard the sniper. He quickly shouted to his men, “Where did that shot come from?! Track it!”. The policemen quickly ran off in different directions like idiots.

The park offered excellent shielding against the moonlight, making the park feel dark. One could not see their hand in the darkness.

Conan found the Kid, bleeding heavily from a shot in the chest in a bush. He quickly cleared the bush and pulled the Kid out. The Kid was unconscious, from the wound or the ground impact, he didn’t know.

Conan listened again. He heard it, the crunching sound of footsteps. He quickly ran off and hid behind a tree.

And from the wall of trees came a single entity. Gin. And his glare was one of a predator that caught his prey.

“It’s been a long time, Kudo Shinichi. You have caused us much trouble.” He quickly pulled out his pistol. “Honestly, I didn’t expect you to be challenging us in the open.”

“Kudo Shinichi?” Conan thought. “I see, they thinkhe’s me…”

Gin walked up to the Kid with careful steps, as if the park was mined. His pistol went directly to Kid’s forehead.

“And with this, the great detective falls. Again.”

And the pistol fired.

Conan looked in horror as more blood spurted from the shot. Gin quickly turned around and left, as his job was done.

Conan quietly went up to Kid. All signs of life were gone, but a faint smile was dangling on his lips, as if he had an untold secret. Conan knew Kid wasn’t smiling before. He then walked away. He heard the police marching over, but knew it was hopeless. They couldn’t help.

“Another person dead! Damn!”

The story of Kid’s death was all over the news the following day. Of course, the police found out Kid’s identity. Kuroba Kaito – high school troublemaker.

Megure, however, had other cases. As per his orders, no one in the police spoke of the culprit behind the bombing of Agasa’s house.

There were traces of fingerprints over in various places that managed to survive; in particular a bomb that failed to go off.

The fire department quickly sent the bombs and evidence to forensics. Megure remembered the day the forensics quietly asked Megure to come. He also remembers the moment the forensics told him the culprit, and the utter disbelief.

Takagi walked up to him. “Are you OK, Inspector?”

Megure groaned. “Takagi. Remember, tell no one that he is the culprit. Tell no one!”

“OK, sir…but you’ve been saying that for a while now.” With that, Takagi left.

Megure turned around. The scar around his hat was burning, like a forewarning of what would come.

“Kudo-kun…what…exactly happened?”

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