Feb 20, 2011

Chapter One

First Chapter of 'The Murder of Shinichi Kudo'. Enjoy...~Aeyra ^-^

Chapter 1


Shinichi's POV

"Ran," I said, staring over at my friend who was still crying from the shock of the recent murder case which had involved beheading; something that a girl like her should never see. "Try to calm down a little bit like me." I smiled, trying to cheer her up, even though I knew it was probably a pointless effort. "See, I'm perfectly fine."

"But you see stuff like this all the time!" She yelled at me angrily. "I don't, so give me time to get over it." Her light blue eyes were full of tears; in a way I sympathized with her but sheesh. Teenage girls.

"Okay, okay,” I replied, giving up with a weak chuckle. Peering behind her, I saw a mysterious figure that resembled one of the suspicious men in black that had ridden in the roller coaster with us. He gave the area a quick scan before disappearing into a dark alley. What was he up to? My curiosity was getting the better of me. I had to know.

"Go ahead of me, Ran." I started running off in the direction of the guy and gave Ran a quick goodbye wave. "I'll catch up with you soon!"

I didn't see the fear that soon overtook her face, or her worry. I didn't know that this was the decision that would destroy my life, not until it was much, much too late.

The alley lead into an opening lit up by the brightness of the nearby light posts, and the edges were covered with large bushes. A secret meeting place, I realized, when a small, overweight man stepped toward the man in black.

"I came alone like you told me too.” His expression reminded of a man at the breaking point, driven insane by the fear. "Now where's the video?"

"I know you came alone," the other answered in a serene tone, an evil snicker on his face. "I saw you the top of the roller coaster. But the money comes first." He gestured toward the briefcase the man held.

"Is this enough to satisfy you?" The briefcase was opened, and in it I saw what must have been thousands of bills. It was probably at least ten million yen in it. Oy, oy, I thought. Blackmail eh? Better get some evidence… I pulled a disposable camera I had been using today out of my pocket, and positioned it where it wouldn't be seen.

"This game's over, detective." I had just pushed the button when something- an iron pipe?- hit me from behind, causing me to stumble forwards, and fall on my face.

"This brat saw everything." I couldn't see the speaker, but he was definitely the one who had whacked my head. A warm sticky red liquid was starting to run down my face; he had got me good. The sound of footsteps told me the victim of the blackmail was getting away.

"Should we kill him?" The first man asked. I heard the sound of a gun being cocked, when the other, obviously the leader, stopped him.

"No you idiot! Those police are still around because of that murder case." The sound of rustling and the opening of a clasp reached my ears. What was he getting out? "We'll use this new poison that the Organization developed." He crouched down, and lifted my head up by pulling my hair. He had long blond hair, and ice cold eyes, the eyes of a murderer. Chuckling, he inserted the tiny pill inside my mouth, and pulled out a glass of water. "It leaves no traces of poison on the body; they won't even know what killed him."

I choked on the water, trying hard not to swallow, but the poison went down nonetheless. No, I thought desperately, as the first spasms came. Please, don't tell me I'm dying…

"It's almost funny, isn't it?" The man sneered. "Shinichi Kudo. Looks like your murder case might go unsolved without you there."

"Aniki, we gotta go. I think I hear people."

They both turned and headed for the bushes. "So long, meitantei-san."

The spasms quickly became more frequent, and it was like there was fire in my veins, melting my bones and burning my whole body. The pain was so overwhelming; I couldn't even open my mouth to scream. After what seemed like an eternity, the pain was suddenly elevated, and I took my last few shallow breaths. I guess this is the end, I thought. I've always wondered what dying was like.

A half hour later…

"Inspector!" A policeman called. "I think I've found a dead body!" The man took a second look at the dead teenager, and realized he recognized the face. A face that had been all over televisions and newspapers just a day before. There was no mistaking it. "It's Kudo Shinichi! He's been murdered!"

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