Feb 20, 2011

Chapter Eleven

Chapter 11


Shinichi's POV

*Note: Even I am confused about exactly what day the bank robbery is compared to the funeral and such. I am just going to put down 'two days after the funeral' and fix it if someone figures out what day it actually is.*

Two days after the funeral, little progress had been made in the investigation. Even though Ran told all she could and a little bit more, the suspects had not been found, and the possibility of an Organization had not been confirmed. Ran had also been skipping school for days, too busy in helping the police find clues, but today, we were joining Hattori and Tooyama for lunch.

They'd been very helpful, and I was grateful to them. The parts I couldn't help Ran with because it would seem very suspicious, Hattori managed to come up with, and make it sound perfectly plausible. Tooyama had become a very good friend to Ran, and always managed to cheer her up.

It was still morning, and Ran was sleeping peacefully on her bed. Sunlight pierced through the window, and climbed up the white walls to paint them a light golden tint. She opened her eyes, and blinked.

Good morning, Shinichi, she greeted me. How was your night?

Pretty boring, actually. There's only so much time you can pay attention to a person who's asleep.

That must suck, she sympathized. Wish I could help you with that part.

What time are Hattori and Tooyama coming? I asked.

Umm... She looked at the clock, and gasped in shock. Crap! They're coming in five minutes! I'm still in my pajamas and I need to brush my hair too!

Calm down, Ran. 'Calm down, Ran.' One of the last times I had told her to calm down was after she freaked out seeing the roller coaster case. It didn't help much.

Turn yourself off now! She was holding the clothes she was going to change into, and slightly blushing.

I faded into a slight unconsciousness, trying to keep everything in my head peaceful. But, there were definitely multiple problems.

The mysterious organization that had killed me.

My parents.

Being a ghost.

The strange look Hattori had cast at Ran the other day.


We were supposedly a couple in love, even before we had admitted it to each other. My friends in class would tease us constantly, calling Ran my wife, Ran's friends calling me her husband, the only thing was, we'd never really had a truly 'romantic' moment. Sure there were moments that were eligible for kisses, but there never was one, was there?

A knock came from the door, and Hattori's voice. "Mouri, you ready yet?"

"Almost!" she answered. Shinichi, you can open your eyes now. "Okay, you guys can come in!"

"Good morning, Ran-chan!" Kazuha said cheerfully. "How was your night?"

"I slept well." Ran smiled at her. Truthfully, I'd kept her up half the night talking, until she was too exhausted to continue. "Skipped breakfast though; I just woke up now."

"About time too," Hattori commented. "It's nearly eleven, bit early for lunch. I need to hit the bank first, I ran out of cash. Didn't expect to be in Tokyo this long."

"Are you guys going back to Osaka any time soon?"

"I'm staying for another week," Hattori answered. "I'm a hired detective. Kazuha has to go back soon, like two or three days. We do have school, ya' know."

You've skipped that for three whole days now, Ran. Better hope you didn't miss something important, a good education is essential if you want to succeed in life.

She didn't answer, but I could tell there was a burning weight on her mind. Something she didn't want me to know. Something about me, I could feel that much, and sorrow. Sorrow, guilt, and determination. What was it?

Nothing you need to know. Her voice was slightly robotic.

Fifteen minutes passed, and we were at the Teito bank, where a huge commotion was taking place. People were screaming, staring inside and I froze as Ran turned.

There were two armed robbers, pointing their guns at the hostages, tied up in ropes and with duct tape over their mouths, and the guns held in their other hands were pointed at the onlookers. People were backing up and running, not wanting to be hit by a bullet. One of them held several briefcases, obviously full of money, and faced the police that were waiting outside.

"If you don't want these hostages dead, then I suggest that you let us walk away." The voice came from a speaker that had been attached to the locked doors. "Clear the entrance, or I'll put a bullet through this man's head!"

The woman, who had light blonde hair and a sharp pointed face, pressed the barrel to side of his head to prove her point. The police backed away, and she opened the door, still holding the helpless hostage. "If you take on step, I'll kill him!" she threatened the police. The big stocky man behind her came out, holding the briefcases stuffed with cash.

Once they made sure the police were not going to follow, they ran in separate directions. I felt a strange tingling feeling, that I had to follow. Who were these people?

Ran, follow that woman! I commanded.

Wordlessly, she ran off in the woman's direction. "Wait, Ran-chan! Where are you going?" Tooyama cried out.

The hostage was dropped two blocks off, along with a disguise. However, we could still see the sprinting figure, making its way toward a parking garage. A getaway car!

Ran was slowing down, not able to keep the sharp pace the other woman had kept. Ran, keep going!

I had to catch that person. I had no idea why, but I felt it was important. That if I didn't do so, I would regret it forever.

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