Feb 20, 2011

Chapter Three

Chapter 3

Another Chance

Shinichi's POV

*Author's note: this is where it gets a little weird, the chapter's a little shorter, because I couldn't think of any better way to write it. If you have tips that will help me write out the rest better, please tell me.*

I was still falling through nothingness that seemed to stretch out forever. The only change was when the black changed to light, but that had happened a while ago. That had been dying. But since I was already dead, shouldn't I be in heaven or something? Not falling through eternal oblivion.

As if something had answered my question, I finally hit the soft ground. It resembled a cloud, and I picked myself off the ground and noticed the clothing I wore was pure white, a white shirt and white pants. Kind of like angels, I thought sarcastically. They only wear white.

A loud voice sounded inside of my head, and pulsed through my entire body. There was no way to ignore it.

We are going to give you another chance on earth. We have decided to let you help bring about your own justice. Who was that? Was there someone here with me? I looked around, and saw nothing but clouds.

It is not important for you to know who we are. Listen carefully to what we say. We will let you go back down, but you will not have any of the divine knowledge that would be granted to you if you were to stay. However, if you stay, you can never go back to earth. You will not be brought back to life, however. You will have a half-life inside a willing body. You will only be able to share your thoughts, and listen to the thoughts that the other is willing to share. You will see what they see, and you will hear what they here. Once your case is solved, you will come straight back up. Are the conditions clear?

I nodded, somehow knowing that the mysterious speaker knew I agreed. "Who will I be living through?"

The name of the person is Ran Mouri. I opened my mouth in shock. Ran? She has vowed to solve your murder, and swore on her life. We know that she cannot do it alone, but you can help.

"Am I going now?" I asked, still stunned by everything.

Yes, be careful on your way, Shinichi Kudo.

The clouds disappeared from under my feet and my body started glowing, and there was a burning heat in my chest. It felt like I was turning into a star, and I figured I probably wasn't far off. Falling, once again, but this time, I knew what lay in store for me. One last mystery, before I'd never get to solve another one. And maybe even a chance to say goodbye to Ran before I left her again.

Ran, I thought. I'm returning to you.

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