Feb 20, 2011

Chapter Seven

Chapter 7

Freedom and Death

Shiho's POV

*Author's Note: As I mentioned in my profile, this is the first chapter told by Shiho (Ai Haibara). Please read and review this chapter if you like it!*

A newspaper was slammed on my desk, and I glared at the intruder. "Gin," I addressed him. "What're you doing here?"

"Seems your poison worked, Sherry. Take a look at the headlines." The tall, blonde haired man pointed to a photo of the famous high school detective, Kudo Shinichi. And right above it, an announcement of his death. His murder to be exact.

"It's easy to kill somebody with a poison," I snapped at him. "What would prove it works if is they can't find a cause of death."

"Then, I suggest you turn on the TV, some officials are discussing it right now." He turned on the portable TV lying on my desk, and a reporter was interviewing the official in charge of the case and a dark skinned teenager.

"Inspector Megure," the reporter started. "Have you figured anything out yet? Any suspects or clues?"

"We have nothing," the inspector replied. "Not even a cause of death has been found. There is only one wound on the body, but medical experts say that it could not possibly have killed him. It's a very mysterious case, we've never seen anything like it at all."

The reporter turned to the dark skinned boy, and asked for his opinion. "The famous Hattori Heiji, detective of the west. Have you been able to make anything out of this shocking murder?"

"The last person known to be with him before death is currently stunned with grief. I'm pretty sure she can tell us something once she's better. However, with no cause of death, I believe that it might have been the work of poison. I don't remember when, but I read an article on a type of cell destruction called apotosis, which is programmed cell death. Of course, this is very hard to discover, because all the cells in the victim's body have already died, but it is the only plausible explanation I can think of."

"That kid…" I mumbled, shocked. "How could he possibly know? The APTX 4869 did cause apotosis!"

"Lucky guess." Gin pulled out a cigarette and lit it. His eyes glinted a dangerous icy shade, and he smiled. "It's more exciting this way. The closer he gets to the truth, the chances of him running into an 'accident' will increase dramatically. Imagine the high school detectives of the east and west both dying in unsolvable cases. It would become quite a headline."

"Yes it would," I agreed with him. "But you came here to talk about something else, didn't you? Something of more importance."

"Pretty good," he chuckled. "Your sister has made a deal with the boss."

"Akemi did what?" I had always warned my sister of dealing with anyone of high ranking. It was dangerous, and if you said one wrong word…

"If she can steal one billion yen from the bank, in two weeks time, both you and your sister will be free of this organization. If not, well, it'll look like our snipers will have a new target to shoot at."

I jumped out of my seat, and shook Gin furiously, not thinking of the possible consequences. "No, I can't let that happen! Where is she? I need to go talk to her right now!"

"Akemi?" His evil smile was back on his face again, the smile he usually saved for murder. "I believe she's here already. Looking for you?"

Right on cue, my older sister came into my lab. "Shiho," she panted breathlessly. "I need to tell you something." She then caught sight of Gin, and showed visible recoil. My sister was afraid of him.

"I'll leave now." He walked out of the open door. "Wouldn't want to interrupt your conversation." I could hear laughter from the hallway. That Gin…

As soon as I was sure he was gone, I started screaming furious at Akemi. "How could you? You'll get killed! Even if you do succeed, they'll never let you go, and they'll especially be against letting me go. How many people have you seen walk away free?" Tears were watering up in my eyes, but I didn't want to wipe them away.

"There's always a first, Shiho." She smiled at me. It was hard to believe that my sister was a thief, who had probably killed people along the way. She was just so pure and kind. "You shouldn't worry so much, it's my job as the older sister."

"But I know more about this," I insisted. "Didn't you hear Gin? He's probably planning your death scene right now. And enjoying it. You've got to tell the boss that the deal is off, do you hear me? It's better to stay in the Organization and live then to escape half way and die!"

"No," she answered firmly, pushing me away. Her blue eyes became ice like Gin's, and I was afraid. "I'm trying to get you out of this prison as best as I can without getting you killed. But as for me…"

"What? What?" I didn't want to know her answer, I already knew it in my head. But I had to hear it, or else it wouldn't be true.

"Have you heard that American phrase, 'Give me liberty or give me death'?" she asked calmly, as if this was no big deal.

"You're committing suicide?" My voice got really high now, and she even backed away. "Stop this right now, for me?" My voice started becoming lower, and the tears came back. "Please Akemi, please."

She patted me gently on the shoulder and then hugged me. "That is the one thing I won't do for you. I'm sorry Shiho, but I have to go now."

I watched helplessly as my sister left, walking with the knowledge that she was walking into the arms of death. Akemi… I fell onto my knees, and cried.

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