Feb 21, 2011

Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Desperate Game of Cat and Mouse

Kaito's POV

I'd been running all day. Hour after hour of ceaseless running. Those damn police were still right behind me, waiting for my stamina to run out. I was running out of tricks. I'd used up all of the ammo in my card gun, all of my smoke bombs, and my hang glider was useless when I couldn't reach a high area. The only thing I had left was my crafty mind.

I was dressed as Kid, after all, my greatest tricks had been stored in the hat and cape. While Kuroba Kaito could blend into a crowd, all the police would recognize me. Disguises took time, time I didn't have. The only option was hiding whenever I had the chance. I ran into an abandoned alley and dived into a trash can. Moments later, I heard the police run past.

How had it possibly have come to this? A Phantom Thief should be flashy, showy, flamboyant, not diving in a dirty, smell pile of junk. Just this morning, I was that kind of thief. Just this morning, I'd been free…

"Good morning, Kaito!" called Aoko, as she walked cheerfully into class. Everything was normal, just like every other day.

"Hey Aoko!" I had answered back, still normal. Still normal.

"Kaito, Kid returned the Blue Summer yesterday!" she informed me. "He said he didn't need it again. I wonder what he really wants." He wants a gem called Pandora, I thought.

"That's quite an interesting question," interrupted Hakuba, who had abruptly appeared beside us. "Maybe you should ask Kaitou Kid himself." He grabbed my arm and pulled me out of my seat.

"What the hell are you doing?" I yelled, trying to shake him off. That's where everything started spiraling out of control.

"Check the alley again!" Get back into reality, Kaito! You have to keep on running! I hopped out of the trashcan, and continued my escape. It truly was cat and mouse now. And I, the mouse, was trapped into a corner. My home must be filled with police waiting for my return. I needed a place that no one would ever guess of. Somewhere, somewhere!

An old newspaper lay on the ground in front of me. High School Detective Hattori Heiji suspects the Murder of Kudo Shinichi was done by Organization. Well, I might just have information on just that Organization. Wasn't that what Akako had hinted, just a couple of weeks before? Maybe that was what-? The footsteps were getting closer, and I realized I had stopped.

"Get him!" They leaped at me, and I quickly dodged their grasps, taking off once again farther down the street. People jumped away as I raced past them, but even I knew that I wasn't invincible. Kaitou Kid had weaknesses too.

A pair of hands grabbed me, and pulled me into an alley. It took all of the control I had not to scream from the shock. "Shhh…" said a familiar voice. "It's me, Kaito." Nearly black eyes, dark brown purplish hair.

"A-Akako?" I stuttered out. Why was she here?

"I'm here to help you." She took out a jeweled necklace. There was a dark blue diamond on the end, and it was surrounded by a circle of feathers. "I put a spell on this. It'll keep you running." She placed on my neck, and instantly, I felt a lot less tired.

"Thank you so much," I panted gratefully. "Is there anything you want me to do for you?" I was still a gentleman, that part wouldn't change.

"Just don't let yourself get captured, okay?" she pleaded, the black in her eyes actually looking gentle. "That's the only thing I never want to happen. I don't want to see you caught."

"Kaitou Kid never went down this alleyway, 'kay?" She nodded, and I continued. There were no police on the next street, or the next, or the next. It was safe to turn into Kuroba Kaito. Changing into my school uniform, I raced into the nearest tall building, running up to the rooftop where I would be able to use my hang glider. The sky was definitely safe…

"What the hell are you doing?" I yelled, trying to shake him off.

"Catching a phantom thief of course. Kuroba-kun, no, Kaitou Kid." I heard the gasps from all around the room, and then absolute silence.

"Are you kidding me, there's no way I could be Kaitou Kid!" I tried to laugh him off of it, but I was fully aware of the danger, and how it was useless to try. "I was with you while he stole Blue Summer. You must have eaten something funny for breakfast, Hakuba!"

"You might not have noticed, but while Kaitou Kid stole the jewel, I placed a very small transmitter to your cape. I've been tracking it, and there's no doubt that it's you." He pulled out a small black device, with small symbols on it. "This is our classroom, and this is where Kaitou Kid happens to be. Right next to me, what do have to say about that?"

"Maybe he put it on me!" I defended myself. "That guy's pretty sneaky you know, it's just a coincidence."

"And then the hair he left behind a while ago. A couple of weeks ago, I managed to get a sample of yours. They match. Any excuse there? After all, you weren't at that heist, were you?" he accused.

"I- I went to that museum earlier that day to see the jewel that Kid was about to steal." I was running out of my pitiful excuses. "I'm a pretty big fan of him."

"Explain this." He reached into my sleeve and pulled my Kid costume. Solid evidence. "Now tell me why you carry this on you." It was the end of the game, end of my acting.

"It's because you're right." I snatched back my costume, and quickly changed into it. "I am Kaitou Kid."

The hang glider was getting me away from the police that were barred from my realm. The open sky. Getting a helicopter took time, but I could escape something as clumsy as that. The only problem would be landing. The police cars could move faster than a hang glider that could only move in the direction of the wind. The air whirled around me, and I looked up. It was Hakuba, in a helicopter.

"I'm not as stupid to not plan ahead, Kuroba," he called over the blaring noise of the rotors, his honey-colored hair blowing in all directions. "You're definitely going down today."

"Not without a fight I'm not," I answered, pointing the hang glider straight down. It was risky, but I knew how to fly.

"Oy! Kuroba!" he screamed, but I pulled up just inches away from the ground. Hakuba wasn't on the ground, which gave me an advantage. He had almost caught me for the second time today.

Hakuba grabbed my arm, and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. "Thanks for the confession, Kuroba. Once you're safely in jail, I'm going to make you tell me why."

"It's not ending this quickly!" I put my hand on my card gun, and shot at the handcuffs. They were pinned to the wall.

"Someone help me get the windows!" he ordered. "The police are already around the school!" Dammit, I thought. What now, Kaito?

"Kaito," I heard Aoko say. Her expression was sad, and full of denial. "This is a practical joke, right? You're not Kaitou Kid, you can't be! Please tell me no!"

"That would be lying, wouldn't it?" I said, trying to make her understand that this was reality. "I'm sorry, Aoko. I hope that one day you'll be able to forgive me."

"Bakaito!" she cried. "Just make sure you give me that one day. I don't want to see you in prison. Run, now!" She headed to one of the windows, and unlocked it. I hopped onto the ledge, and gave her a silent thanks.

"What are you doing, Nakamori-san?" screamed Hakuba. "Don't let him go!"

"Aoko," I whispered, as Hakuba raced towards us. "I just want you to know I'll miss you. Thanks for your help." I threw a pink smoke bomb, and I vanished on my pristine white hang glider. Or, a dummy did. I had actually went out of the classroom door. The chase had begun

I really needed to think about where I should go. Somewhere safe, with somebody I could trust. Hattori Heiji. I could see the headlines once again, but why that name? Could my subconscious be trying to tell me something?

"It's me, Akako," her voice came once again. "I think the magic on the jewel is wearing off. Head for the Kudo residence. There are people who can help you." Her voice was fading fast. "They live at…" It broke off. Perfect timing, you stupid jewel, I thought.

Think, think, think, Kaito! I'd seen the address somewhere before. You can remember this! And suddenly, I had it. Beika, Niteime, 21st Banchi!

My legs were beginning to feel like lead. It was at least at thirty minute run, and Akako's present had already lost power. Could I make it there? I had to, it was my only chance.

I managed to shake off the police, and Hakuba was nowhere to be seen. I could do it, I could reach the house. I could see it now, the haven of promised safety. I had nearly reached the door, when I realized I didn't have any energy left. My throat was burning from thirst, my stomach was aching for food, and I overheating like mad. I fainted, with nowhere to escape.

*Author's Comment: I have no idea what Hakuba calls Aoko, so if you know, please tell me. What did you think? Was it a good chapter? I spent a ton of time planning this one chapter in my head, and I had a lot of fun writing it. However, there are probably a lot of holes since I didn't read Magic Kaito very thoroughly. (does finishing 28 chapters in half an hour sound thorough?) If I feel like it, I might go back and edit this chapter. I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas! Thank you so much for reading! Please review! They make me want to update more! (and no bashing plz, or at least sugarcoat it first!)*

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