Feb 20, 2011

Chapter Twelve

Chapter 12


Akemi's POV

*The last POV from Akemi. I feel sad, her point of view was quite fun to write from. P.S. 110 is the Japanese 911.*

I tore the disguise that Vermouth had created for me off my face, and dropped the hostage. The police were not heading after me yet, and with my disguise off, they wouldn't be able to recognize. My mask had changed the shape of my face, and a wig hid my hair color. I chuckled, elated with my success.

The heist had been a snap. One gun shot in the air, and people were willing to do anything to save their skins. The bank had all the money we needed, plus we had stolen a whole briefcase of solid gold. Good thing my partner was strong. He had taken the shorter path; splitting up had been the idea. The mission had succeeded, and now my sister and I would be free, free, free! I laughed, and that's when I heard footsteps behind me.

A teenage girl was chasing me, but she wasn't for the police. She was utterly alone, and slowing down fast. No danger, but I readied my handgun just in case.

When I reached the parking garage where the getaway car was, I ran around the block, in order to confuse the girl if she was still following. I could see the getaway car now, right inside the parking garage, with the driver ready to go. My helper was already in, but then I saw him flash an evil smile. The moment I entered the garage, the car flew past me, and left me behind.

"Ah!" I cried, unable to say anything, while reaching my hand toward it. The car skidded the turn, and disappeared from view.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Sherry's older sister." Gin's chuckle sounded from inside the garage. He stepped out from behind his black Porsche 356A, holding a gun in his hands. "How'd the heist go?"

So this is why the boss agreed to free Shiho and I. "Pretty well," I answered coolly, showing no emotion on my face. "Got all the money I needed. You dyed your hair silver?"

His long blonde hair was now silver-white, not a single golden strand in sight. "Thought it'd look better this way. Besides, someone found out the culprit has long blonde hair. Silver's quite a change."

"I see." I tried to back up slowly, so I could run.

"Not so fast, Akemi." He raised his gun and moved forward. "I've got some things to discuss with you before you die. You probably want to know why I'm here when the robbery was successful, right?" His voice was light and somewhat seductive, but full of malice. It reminded me of a fox.

"I was never allowed to live, was I?" I asked, sweat starting to come down my face.

"There is no room for people who are a liability in our Organization." He sneered at me, aiming for my chest. "What will poor Sherry think? When her big sister is gone?"

"Don't you even dare touch Shiho!" I screamed, forgetting my fear. "Just kill me, don't hurt Shiho!"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk." He shook his head in amusement. "I didn't get to that part yet. As for Shiho, a couple days without food or water should do the trick. Maybe a couple beatings with it."

"You…" I wanted to scream out every swear word I knew at him. He was every single one of them.

"Quiet now," he whispered. "It's time for the finale."

A flash, and then the sound of a bullet being shot. A bullet whizzing through the air. The pain of the bullet piercing my chest and finding my lungs. I started coughing, and blood came out instead. There were footsteps coming from outside. Was it the girl?

"Bye, bye." Gin drove past me, and left me bleeding as the girl charged in.

She gasped in shock, taking in my shirt, which was quickly turning red, my face and hands, now covered in blood, and the gun lying by my side. "Oh no…"

She started running toward me, then stopped as if by some invisible force. Whipping out her phone, she dialed 110. "Someone's been shot! In the parking garage near the bank robbery, come quickly!"

After she closed the phone, she approached me. Her gentle blue eyes were filled with fear, and her face was pale. She kneeled down, and I grabbed onto her hand.

"Are you with them?" she asked. "The man who shot you, who is he?"

"His name is Gin." I barely managed to get out. "Why?"

"He's the man who murdered my best friend." Her voice broke off. Tears welled up in her eyes.

"You don't have to stay here," I told her. Some people were meant for seeing these kinds of things, I didn't believe that she was one of them.

"I have to." She squeezed tighter. "I'll stay until you die, or until the ambulance comes."

"It pierced my lung. I won't be living."

I couldn't breathe anymore, it was caught in my throat with the blood. Then, I felt I had to tell the girl something.

"If you see someone named Shiho Miyano, please help her," I pleaded.

"Don't talk! I can hear the ambulance." I heard it too, the sound of sirens, but it was fading.

"She's my sister, if you see her, protect her please." I closed my eyes, and I could no longer hear. It was like falling asleep, except I'd never wake up.

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