Feb 21, 2011

Chapter 27

Chapter 27


Kazuha's POV

*Did anyone want a POV from Kazuha? Well if you did, here it is. What really happened to Heiji?*

Heiji said he'd be back in a couple of minutes. He'd said that. But thirty minutes had already come and gone. I had called him multiple times, and he didn't answer once. Not once. Just hearing his voice would be enough to calm me down…

My phone started vibrating, and my happy ringtone emanated throughout the room. Could it be Heiji? I looked at the caller ID and was disappointed. It wasn't Heiji, it was Ran-chan. I almost didn't pick it up, but I knew that Ran-chan might be able to help me find Heiji. He might even be at her house right now.

"Ran-chan, is Heiji with you?" I blurted out the moment I picked it up, the stress on my nerves causing me to freak out.

"No, why?" she replied hesitantly, with a small hint of fear in her voice. I didn't want to make her as scared as I was, maybe Heiji just slow. Ran into a case. Stop hyperventilating, Kazuha, I told myself. Calm down.

"He said he left something behind during class, and for me to head back myself! But it's been over half an hour, and he hasn't answered any of my calls," I answered as calmly as I possibly could. But even I couldn't fool myself. "Can you help me look for him at the school?"

"I'll be right over," she promised. "Just let me write a note for my dad." Hurry up, please Ran. "Okay." I heard the slamming of a door. "I'll be right over." I hit the end button, and went out the front door to wait for Ran. She was quite fast, it took her only four minutes for the usual fifteen minute walk. But of course, she wasn't taking a leisure stroll.

"Come on, Kazuha," she panted. "You said we were checking the school first, didn't you?"

I nodded, and we both broke into a sprint. I hoped Heiji wasn't in danger. I could already imagine him laughing at me for being such an idiot. Baka! Can't you tell I'm okay? He would be doubled over, and making fun of me. And I was looking forward to it. If it happened.

The Teitan High School sign was a blur as we rushed passed it and charged into our classroom moments later. It was empty. No Heiji, no anybody. Oh no… But there wasn't any sign of a ruckus. No desks out of place, no blood on the ground. Where was Heiji?

"I think we should ask around and see if any of the teachers have seen Hattori-kun," suggested Ran.

There were only a few teachers left at the school, and one of them was Jodie-sensei. She might have seen Heiji.

"Oh, Hattori?" she answered. "He picked up his things. We got caught up in a little… conversation if you will. You probably missed him on the way here." Her eyes sparkled in a bright, devious way. Her smile was mysterious, and I couldn't even tell if she was telling the truth. Shouldn't I trust my teacher's word? "Well, I'll see you two tomorrow!" Great, English.

"Thank you, Jodie-sensei," said Ran for me. "We'll go check now." She grabbed my hand and pulled. "Come on, move, Kazuha-chan."

"Okay." There was something really strange about Jodie-sensei. She was hiding something from us.

"I wondered where you two were!" called Heiji when we got back. "Sheesh, you scared me, I got home and you weren't here."

"I scared you!" I accused him. "I thought that Organization got you or something. You were taking so long, and you didn't answer any of my calls, and-"

"You called me?" He took his cell phone out of his pocket. "My cell's battery is dead. I forgot to charge it last night. My bad!" He smiled sheepishly. "I just noticed something strange about Jodie-sensei and I asked her about it all!"

"What was strange?" I asked him.

"Well, I was getting my stuff, and I saw Jodie-sensei looking at all these pictures. They were pictures of men in black, Kudo, and a woman that looks a hell lot like that Haibara girl."

"What?" Ran sounded shocked. I was stunned too; I knew something was off about Jodie-sensei.

"She told me who she really was in order to make sure I didn't suspect her of being a bad guy or something. She's a member of the FBI, but don't tell anybody. She's in Japan to try and catch that Organization. I told her I was after them too, and she's helping us now. We've got a huge force on our side now." His smile reached from ear to ear. "It won't be long before we put those guys behind bars!"

"That's great, Hattori-kun," breathed Ran. She sounded excited and upset at the same time.

"By the way, where is that Haibara girl, shouldn't she be with you?" asked Heiji, looking around trying to find her.

"She's playing soccer with her friends."

"That girl made friends?" exclaimed Heiji.

"Heiji, that's mean!" I scolded him. Big sister Kazuha was back.

"Hey, I'm just being honest. She was like Medusa this morning. I just looked in her eyes and I thought I turned to stone. Besides, she was all, 'I don't need any friends' too," he defended himself.

"Hm? What's this?" Ran picked up a newspaper off of a table. I couldn't see the headline.

"Oh, I got that on the way back from school. Pretty big, huh?" His eyes lit up. "I never expected that!"

"Expected what, Heiji?" I peeked over Ran's shoulder. Kaitou Kid's Identity has finally been revealed! The High School Thief is now on the Run. Thanks to Hakuba Saguru!

Everybody has always wanted to know who Kaitou Kid is. Now we do. Just this morning, Kaitou Kid was revealed to be high school student, Kuroba Kaito. Unfortunately, he narrowly escaped from the police that were set up around the school. If you see him, report it to the police immediately!

Little did we know that we just gained an important future ally.

*Author's Comment: *Shock!* Kaitou Kid's been revealed? How? Well, you'll just have to wait for the next chapter, which will most likely come out tomorrow or something. Thanks for reading! Review if you liked the chapter!*

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